All kind of panels, for all thicknesses , in tolling or consignment sales, plating of 1 side or 2 sides with paper, PVC, laminate and other lining materials.

Our particular plating is done to allow the removal of the lining, giving the possibility of plating the panel with others decoratives.

This kind of processing, is usually  in the fairy business, in wich it’s necessary to re-use the panel.

We also do accurate cut of panels, for all thicknesses, and on very few sheets ( lenght mm5600x4200)

We applicate protective film, to protect the panel from the following processing, like drilling and square.

of use
  • Cut of thiny thicknesses
  • Lacquering of all  kind of panel, 1 or 2 sides with all types of material
  • Lacquering of panels with removal materials