Decorative paper, impregnated with acrylic resins, that are  properly modified, made more flexible , and submitted to a follow-up process of lacquering, if  necessary.

The Super Flex Paper, is treated with transaparents paints, and when the processing is finished. It has , almost, the same appearance of a real wood. The printed paper can guarantee the continuity of colour and  structure of the wood, that are so difficult to be found in original wood., not counting the ease of supply of paper compared to  the wood.

  • Stamping S. Flex on paper
  • Paint samples ( wood stain or solid)
  • Finishes: Gloss, Matt, Embossed with 2 kinds of pore
  • Coupled :Soft edge, soft edge + glue+ pvc + paper
  • Cuts
  • Auto Adhesive film
  • Protective film
of use

Interior design: kitchen, livingroom, bedroom, bathroom, office.