Our vision is the development and update of the techniques we have always used but also the implementation of new technologies. For this reason, we wanted to add to our plant systems two digital printing machines, able to expand our products application fields and to increase, at the same time, the productivity and reducing, in this way, the delivery times to the customer.

The opportunity is to increase our presence in the furniture accessories market and to propose products specifically for the interior design field by supplying printed decors on fabric for curtains, canvas, paper for wall coverings, adhesive paper for the doors and furniture coating, adhesive for glass, films for lamps, PVC and eco-friendly leather.

Diversification of the offer, total customization, possibility to create coordinating furniture, to have very low quantities, low delivery times and, most of all, free and enriched use of creativity are the purposes we have been able to reach thanks to these machineries and to our digital area technicians.

Everything is made in full respect of the environment through the use of eco-compatible inks which do not release VOC, low-energy absorption machines and eco-friendly supports.