Chic was founded in 1991, with the aim of propose new highly tought-out products, to solve, or aniway minimise the problems about the application of paper on panels and profiles.
Our company proposes a very wide range of products and is able to reproduce any wood print, in solid color or different finishes, with the intent to satisfy our customers, giving always them an highly quality product at competitive prices.
Our installations have been created directly by our staff, and are subject to a continuous study, to enhance and innovate our processings.
Chic has been the first in Italy that figured out and produced painting paper, by eliminating the problems related to the environment pollutions, provocated by the Carousel System painting and the very high costs of the excessive workforce requested.
During the years we have also add the processing and the sale of plastics materials, like PVC, ALKORCELL and PET. developing experience in plating panel , to provide our customers of personalised panels also with very few pieces requested